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Episode 34 Silent Giant Lutron Emily Hughes

In this conversation, Emily Hughes from Lutron discusses the various aspects of Lutron lighting control. She explains the benefits of lighting control, including the ability to automate and control lights from a smart device. Emily also highlights Lutron's holistic approach to lighting control and their innovations in the industry. She introduces Lutron's product lineup, including the Caseta wireless solution, RadioRA 2, and Homeworks. Emily discusses the differences between these solutions and the considerations for choosing the right one for a room. She also explains the concept of a panelized system in Homeworks, where all the lighting fixtures are wired back to a central panel. This conversation explores the benefits of smart lighting control and automation. The discussion highlights the inconvenience of traditional switches and the transition to automation for convenience. The concept of zone lighting is replaced by scenes, allowing users to customize lighting for different environments. The use of apps and schedules enhances automation and simplifies control. Safety and security are improved through automated lighting and integration with security systems. The conversation also touches on the integration of lighting control with other systems such as Ring, Sonos, and Apple HomeKit. The importance of designing lighting systems with purpose is emphasized.
  • Lutron offers a range of lighting control solutions, including Caseta wireless, RadioRA 2, and Homeworks.
  • Lighting control allows for automation and control of lights from a smart device, providing convenience and energy efficiency.
  • Lutron takes a holistic approach to lighting control, considering both artificial and natural light sources.
  • The choice of lighting control solution depends on the specific needs and goals of the space, such as the number of rooms, level of customization, and integration with other systems.
  • Homeworks offers a panelized system, where all the lighting fixtures are wired back to a central panel, reducing wall clutter and providing a clean aesthetic. Smart lighting control and automation offer convenience and ease of use.
  • Scenes allow users to customize lighting for different environments and activities.
  • Apps and schedules enhance automation and simplify control.
  • Automated lighting improves safety and security.
  • Integration with other systems expands the capabilities of smart lighting control.
  • Designing lighting systems with purpose is essential for a seamless user experience.
00:00Introduction and Technical Difficulties
02:50Background of Lutron and Introduction of Guest
03:20Overview of Lutron Lighting Control
06:15Benefits of Lighting Control
07:37Different Aspects of Lighting Control
09:07Controlling Natural Light
10:04Holistic Approach of Lutron
12:19History and Innovations of Lutron
15:32Lutron's Product Lineup
16:31Choosing the Right Solution for a Room
19:05Tape Light and Shades in RadioRA 2
21:01Difference Between RadioRA 2 and Homeworks
25:42Panelized System in Homeworks
30:07The Inconvenience of Traditional Switches
31:06Automation and Convenience
32:03Transition from Zone Lighting to Scenes
33:25Customizing Lighting for Different Environments
35:48The Benefits of App-Based Lighting Control
37:10Schedules and Automation
38:31Safety and Security with Lighting Automation
39:54Geofencing and Remote Control
41:18Integration with Ring and Other Systems
45:00Occupancy Sensors for Convenience
51:58Integration with Sonos and Apple HomeKit
52:58Enhancing Safety and Security with Ring Integration
57:01Designing Lighting Systems with Purpose

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